I have a domain which is hosted at Cloudflair so I have full access to its DNS entries. Then I have an external IIS website and again I have full access there.

How can I set the DNS up so that myhostname.mydomain.com redirects to https://site.myserver.com?

If I setup a CNAME with the the Name "myhostname" and the Content site.myserver.com it always directs to myserver.com, i.e. the root not the subdomain.

I then changed the bindings on the IIS site (myserver.com) so that incoming Hostname myhostname.mydomain.com would be bound to site.myserver.com but it still returned the root web.

Anyone know what I can do?


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If the IIS site will accept the incoming Hostname myhostname.mydomain.com, then perhaps the simplest solution is to skip the CNAME record and create an A record myhostname.mydomain.com -> [IIS server's IP address].

If you're using Apache, you can do the redirect you're asking about with the rewrite functionality in your site configuration file, or in the .htaccess file.

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