What is the canonical way to use VMware's ovftool to query to see if a VM exists or not?

If I run this command:

ovftool vi://username@password@myvsphere/mydatacenter/vm/myvm

I might get this response:

Error: Got fault from server: The attempted operation cannot be
performed in the current state (Powered on).
Error: Fault cause: vim.fault.InvalidState

I know I can do the following and then look for "Locator does not refer to an object" but is there a different command or (set of) option(s) I can run that will return a simple true or false or something else concise that does not indicate an error?

ovftool vi://username@password@myvsphere/mydatacenter/vm/avmthatisnothere

Just FYI the above returns this:

Error: Locator does not refer to an object:

You're using the wrong tool. You cannot serve beer with a fork.

VMware OVF Tool is a command-line utility that allows you to import and export OVF packages to and from many VMware products.

To check whether a VM with the name myVM exists you should try PowerCLI:

Get-VM -Name myVM


  • Seems strange that a tool that can power-on and power-off a VM is not the right tool to determine if a VMs actually exist to power on or off. That said, it seems like a huge amount of effort to use the "right" tool just to test for existence when by side-effect I can use ovftool in a much lighter weight manner to check the same thing. Oct 9 at 7:22

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