I am currently playing around with "Active Backup for Business" and an esxi Hypervisor hosted EXTERNALLY by "Hetzner", a Cloud provider. My goal is that when one of my servers fail I want to be able to immediately restore the server to the esxi host. there is a function in active backup for business called "immediate restore" which basically streams the vmdk file to the esxi h ost. However when trying this it always seems to try to access the Synology Server via its internal IP which of course doesnt work as its not in the same LAN as the esxi host.

Is there a way to tell Active Backup for Business to instead connect on an external IP or to create a VPN so my NAS IP can be resolved and the transfer can start?

I know it will be a slow connection as its over WAN however its just a test case so it doenst matter.

Thanks :)

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Yes, you can use Active Backup for Business over a WAN. You will need to open up port TCP/5510 to your NAS and use your public IP address as the destination. It should also be possible to do the same across a VPN.

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