How can I get RAM frequency from the OS X low-level terminal? Which comand can help in this situation?

  • What is a "low-level terminal"? If it's just a "regular" terminal, I would install and use dmidecode.
    – bjoster
    Oct 26, 2021 at 10:06

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The system_profiler is your friend,

From within Terminal you can type man system_profiler for more information. Type q at any time to exit the man page.

To get all your memory information, you can use the following:

system_profiler SPMemoryDataType

If you want something formatted a little better, then you can pipe the output to awk, as seen here:

system_profiler SPMemoryDataType | awk '/Type:/ {type=$2} /Speed:/ {speed=$2; printf "%s-%s\n", type, speed}'

See also awk/sed output from system_profiler on 10.6.8.

screenshot of results

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