I am currently doing a test for our OpenVPN setup through Pfsense, we have 2 Pfsense running on the network,

  1. For the default gateway of the LAN Network as Main Firewall.
  2. For the OpenVPN Clients as a secondary Firewall.

Based on my Test, I successfully Connect the OpenVPN client to the Pfsense however I can't ping the LAN devices except for the OpenVPN Pfsense LAN interface which is right now our LAN devices are pointing to which is the Main pfsense. But when I tried to change the default gateway with one of the LAN devices I can receive a reply when I ping from the OpenVPN client. I also tried adding a static route to the main pfsense and the ISP modem for the OpenVPN Tunnel Network and received no reply when pinging from the OpenVPN client.

I would like to ask if putting a static route is possible? or am I missing any configuration? like firewall rules or NAT? or another way?

This is the Topology of the setup:


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Routing from the default should need to be modified. You will have to create a NAT rule to allow the OpenVPN ports.

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