Good evening to all!

I was wondering around to find solution of mass acknowledging the alerts all at once for 500+ service notification in Nagios. After a long hardship, I came across building below script own. Please help in analyzing pros and cons or if another best alternative available to it.


for name in $(cat list.txt)
    now=`date +%s`

    #The show begins
    /usr/bin/printf "[%lu] ACKNOWLEDGE_SVC_PROBLEM;$domainname;$service;2;1;1;mail_it;Should be de-listed in 1 week till 18 Nov, 2021.\n" $now >> $command
    echo "$name ACKNOWLEDGED! "


Early reply will be appreciable.

Thanking You

Regards, Nishi

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Please provide the Nagios version you are using and as well is it opensource or Nagios X1.

Regards, Kamal

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This script will work, as it is basically the same as clicking through all the services on a web interface, acknowledging them one by one.

However, there is on thing you should consider. The command file (nagios.cmd) is a named pipe, and as such, has a limited buffer in which commands can be stored. Depending on how many commands you want to issue at one time, you might want to set external_command_buffer_slots and / or command_check_interval appropriately (see Nagios configuration docs for more info).

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