What I want to do:

Part 1. Redirect old domain to new domain.
Part 2. Use the old domain for mails

My current setup:
Both domains are set up with Google Load Balancer and using Google managed SSL.

  1. To achieve what I intended to do, is it right to use Google Load Balancer to do the URL redirect from old domain to new domain?

  2. If the above is feasible, do I need to set up the old domain's ssl certificates in the new domain's load balancer? Will it have downtime if is required to do so?

  3. Will using this approach affect the MX record?

  4. Will it be better if the URL redirect is done on the server level?


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  • HTTP 3xx redirects don't affect MX in any way.
    – AlexD
    2 days ago
  • Redirects for HTTPS require certificates for the old and new domain names. You can do redirects in the load balancer, but I prefer to implement redirects at the webserver. HTTP redirects do not affect the SMTP protocol or MX resource records. yesterday

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