I am configuring DRBD but I don't understand what the difference is between device and disk.

In the config file I have the following:

 on server1 {
            device /dev/drbd0;
            disk /dev/sda;
            address IP HERE;
            meta-disk internal;

I don't understand what the difference is between disk and device and how do I find the name of each?

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disk - is the underlying block device, i.e. a physical disk.

device - is the logical block device assembled from a set of disks (including those over network).

If you follow the analogy with RAID, the disk - is the physical disks, and the device is a RAID array.

That means that you have to specify disks which you are intended to make a DRBD array. And the device you just pick /dev/drbdX (where X is a number starting from 0) which will be your logical block device after the DRBR are up & running. When you work with /dev/drbdX as with raw block device (disk), the DRBD will handle all the stuff for the redundancy & networking.

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    Thank you...That answers my question. Jan 19, 2022 at 21:09

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