How to disable client-initiated renegotiation in Postfix?

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In console:

nano etc/postfix/main.cf

Find & edit - or add this line:

tls_ssl_options = NO_RENEGOTIATION

The value of the tls_ssl_options configuration parameter is a white-space or comma separated list of named options, with an alternate syntax provided for (only in exceptional circumstances recommendable) directly specifying OpenSSL-supported options not (yet) named at Postfix compile time.

  • Do you know how to do it in postfix 2.10 ? Jun 1 at 18:28
  • Because TLS 1.3 forbids renegotiation, this is only needed when allowing legacy TLS (1.2 or prior) in the first place.
    – anx
    Jun 1 at 18:49

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