I came here because i do not know what to do anymore. Here's what happened:

We had POP mail, and some Exchange Mail here in my company. All users are using Outlook - It synced with mailex13...exhcange server.

But Exchange and POP mail aren't good enough, so we canceled our contract with the Exchange mail provider and hired Microsoft 365 directly with Microsoft, so now all users can use all resources 365 has to offer!

We did the following proccess for all users on the migration proccess:

Created a new profile on Outlook, called "User 365"

Logged - in with Active Directory synced user, to log-in in 365.

OK! Done.

Now users started using Outlook just fine, with 365 account - Using their respective Active Directory user.

But then, a HUGE problem started happening on ALL the computers that had exchange accounts! Computers that had POP accounts didnt show this problem...

The problem: Out of NOWHERE Outlook simply started CHANGING the Office 365 URL that appears on the account when clicking "File" tab on Outlook and the OLD URL from a totally different server!

Instead of syncing with the default Outlook.office365.com URL it just replaced with the old one from the other server, like ?? Wtf. I have no idea what to do!

The only way to fix this was to delete the user folder, and login again. But after some time Outlook simply changed AGAIN to the old Exchange URL...

So, here are the facts: Using Office 365 web the problem doenst happen. On a formatted computer the problem doesnt happen. Problem didnt occur on POP accounts.

My guess is that for some reason Windows/Outlook profile saves Server information somewhere that i am not seeing.

Registry? System?

Please, can someone point me in the right direction so i can simply delete ALL previous informations of the old server?

Where does Outlook stores information about Mail Server, so i can manually delete and Outlook will then finally stops changing to old urls that are not in use anymore.

I am very sorry if my explanation here got a little confused, since i am not a native speaker. If you guys have any questions please let me know...


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