I have a Ansible Automation Platform 2.1.0 installation on RHEL8.

I have some jobs failing due to an incorrect Registry/image entry for the 'Control Plane Execution Environment'. I am able to replace the incorrect entry in the image field for all of the other Execution Environments (Ansible Engine, Default, etc..) from the GUI.

However, I am unable to modify this field for the 'Control Plane Execution Environment'. I am also unable to delete this execution environment (I attempted to make a Copy, fix the copy, delete the original, and then rename the copy to match). This is the same regardless of the logged in account.

I have done some research, but the only method I have been able to find is to re-install the entire Ansible Automation Platform (as described here: https://www.jazakallah.info/post/how-to-change-control-plane-execution-environment-settings). I also ran grep -rlw "control_plane_execution_environment" -i / in an attempt to find any text-based configs that could potentially be modified - but the only files that showed up were part of the installation bundle.

How do I reconfigure or modify the Registry/Image for the Control Plane Execution Environment, preferably without reinstalling the entire Ansible Automation Platform?

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Disclaimer: I am using AWX, and not the Automation Controller (aka Ansible Tower) included in the Red Hat Automation Platform, so instructions for the latter might differ.

This information is stored in the SQL database. I modified it by doing the following (I am using AWX v20.0.0):

  • open a shell in the postgresql docker container with kubectl exec -it <your-postgres-pod> -- bash

  • connect to the awx database : psql -U <your-postgresql-user> -W awx

  • Check the content of the main_executionenvironment table and change the EE image in the entry of the Control Plane EE :

      # Check the content of the table
      SELECT * from main_executionenvironment;
      # Update the entry
      UPDATE main_executionenvironment SET image = '<your-desired-ee-image>' WHERE name='Control Plane Execution Environment';

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