I have a CloudFront distribution with a default behavior that is configured to allow any CORS request including preflight requests. However, the OPTIONS request will fail with an HTTP 403 error (details below) which is not what I expect.

I am using the AWS-managed CORS-With-Preflight policy that should allow all CORS requests, including the preflight (OPTIONS) request:

(I am not sure why the “Origin request policy” area is highlighted in yellow.)

Policy details:

I have allowed OPTIONS requests in the Behavior:

However, when I send an options request, CloudFront will return this error:

$ curl --request OPTIONS --url https://d3qj3h7hjzomrd.cloudfront.net/ --header 'Origin: https://www.example.com'

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Message>CORSResponse: This CORS request is not allowed. This is usually because the evalution of Origin, request method / Access-Control-Request-Method or Access-Control-Request-Headers are not whitelisted by the resource's CORS spec.</Message>

(I’ve formatted the XML for better readability.)

What do I need to change to allow OPTIONS requests?

  • Does this help? Do you need to allow some headers to be passed back and forth?
    – shearn89
    Mar 14 at 10:14
  • 1
    My understanding is that now that CORS is configurable in CloudFront, it should work out of the box. What would be the purpose of the managed CORS-With-Preflight policy if you would still have to create your policy to get the most basic request working?
    – aaronk6
    Mar 14 at 10:27


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