I am trying to access keyvault data from aks cluster.

By following this link

The system managed identity section below link is showing for vm scale set instead of aks. So I am trying with user managed identity section.

az aks show -g devtest-large -n devtest-large-cluster --query addonProfiles.azureKeyvaultSecretsProvider.identity.clientId -o tsv

gave me output as below value


So for below command template

 # set policy to access keys in your key vault
 az keyvault set-policy -n <keyvault-name> --key-permissions get --spn <identity-client-id>

Below is the value I passed, but I am getting error there.

 az keyvault set-policy -n devtest-large-keyvault --key-permissions get --spn d0d9e08-a9f2-4085-a9d2-d61ae7624943
 Unable to find user with spn 'd0d9e08-a9f2-4085-a9d2-d61ae7624943'
 Unable to get object id from principal name.


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