Ansible: 2.9 Windows: W2k16 Server

I'm searching for a method to register (log) Ansible actions in remote Windows host.

For example, when I work with win_command module for echo test command, I can't find lines referring to this action in Windows Event Log.

How can I make the ansible actions show up in the Windows Event log?

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    What are the specific lines you are expecting, and what lines are produced?
    – Greg Askew
    Apr 4, 2022 at 11:26
  • _ In to "Windows Events" I like found "Ansible_user launch command: echo test" with stdout: "The result command".
    – CH06
    Apr 4, 2022 at 12:07

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I understand your question that you like to Register and log Return Values from win_command in Windows Event Log.

You could use win_eventlog_entry – Write entries to Windows event logs and something like

- name: Save the result of 'whoami' in 'result'
  ansible.windows.win_command: whoami
  register: result

- name: Write 'result.stdout' to Windows Event Log
    log: Result of win_command
    source: Ansible module win_command
    event_id: 1234
    message: "{{ result.stdout }}"

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