I want to make a redirection from one domain to another but from one page only.

Example: https://domainA.com/site/page to https://domainB.com/site/page

In nginx I put:

location /site {
         rewrite ^/site/page https://domainB.com/site/page break;

and it works, it does the rediction, but it changes the url and I want the url to always be https://domainA.com/site/page

How can I do so that the url does not change?

thank you!

  • It's not the same domain, it's different. Apr 14 at 8:28
  • I found the solution with "proxy_ssl_server_name on;" Apr 14 at 14:40

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The solution:

location /site/ {
         proxy_ssl_server_name on;
         proxy_pass https://domainB.com/site/page;

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