I have inherited a network whose GPOs are damaged, the SYSVOL folder shows signs of tampering with the NTFS permissions and folder structure manually, and I am unable to add/edit any GPOs, I receive an "Access Denied" error and the only entry in eventvwr I can find looks like an app crash for the mmc plugin. From timestamps it is clear this hasn't worked for 4+years.

  • I have performed a D2 and D4 restore separately, this did not resolve the issue. auth restore img
  • I have confirmed delegation permissions on the domain were modified, I reset them to default. Domain permission delegation img
  • Group Policy Object permissions are still modified from original, couldn't figure out how to reset these to default: Group Policy Object Permissions img
  • There are no existing GPOs I have to worry about.
  • There are 3 Server 2016 DCs.
  • I attempted to add NTFS permissions to C:\Windows\Sysvol and sub folders individually to give my domain admin account full control. Still no change.
  • gpupdate seems to work fine, I just can't add or edit policies from any DC

At this time I cannot create or edit GPOs, but client machines gpupdate successfully. What else can I do to be able to edit GPOs again?

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If anyone else runs into this in the future. Some numbskull renamed the sysvol folder on the PDC... fixing that fixed everything else.

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