I have my web server on a domain and everything is fine until I try to browse to site.

I have given the DOMAIN\MACHINE$ rights to the virtual directory and the app pool identity is Network Service.

I get this error when I test these settings:

The server is configured to use pass-through authentication with a built-in account to access the specified physical path. However, IIS Manager cannot verify whether the built-in account has access. Make sure that the application pool identity has Read access to the physical path. If this server is joined to a domain, and the application pool identity is NetworkService or LocalSystem, verify that domain\computer_name$ has Read access to the physical path. Then test these settings again

  • Is the virtual directory pointing to a directory hosted on another server? – Jeff Feb 5 '10 at 22:55
  • no. the sql server is on another computer in domain. so instead of Network service i enter Domain\LOCALMACHINE$ but still get error – zsharp Feb 6 '10 at 0:34

This sounds like a delegation issue. I would first enable kernel mode authentication, then make sure that the computer account is trusted for delegation

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