I have a problem! My server (Centos OS WHM) is out of space. Browse directories and naturally the biggest directory is /home/userfolder/.

Using the du -sch * command, I can check the size 99GB.

[home]# du -sch *
99G     userfolder
36K     latest
100G    total

But when I enter the directory and use the same command, I see that the total size of the found files and directory is 55GB.

[userfolder]# du -sch *
55G     total

As the server backup was weighing approximately 45GB, I thought it was the problem so I deleted it. But it wasn't even in that directory so it really couldn't be the problem. Could anyone give me a hint of what it could be or if I did something wrong?


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Is it cpanel? Check your trash. It's probably your recycle bin that has a lot of files.

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    Dude, it works! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Jun 14 at 21:19

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