Our company recently migrated from an on-site exchange server to Office 365. As a result of this, I need to update our proxy server to relay emails generated by our applications to Office 365. We are currently running exim4 on a Debian server. I can't seem to find any documentation for exim that explains what I need to update. The closest I have found is this: EXIM: Relay to Office 365 answer, but it seems to be for CentOS rather than Debian.

Can anyone provide me some help with this? What configuration settings do I need to change? How do I determine what the new values should be?

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I was finally able to track down the answer here: https://www.phpdeveloper.org.uk/using-office-365-as-a-mail-relay-with-exim-on-debian/

Running sudo dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config launched a wizard for inputting my configuration changes (the new hostname in my case) and then restarted exim.

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