I've set up an FTPS server on an EC2 linux machine using VSFTPD, I changed the file_open_mode and local_umask in vsftpd.conf file to


This indeed give the rwx permissions to both the owner and the group as needed for the uploaded file (equivalent to the umask 770=777-007).

I have 2 users that connect to this ftp server, they are part of the same Linux group ftpusers.

The problem is that when user 1 uploads a file to the server, the user 2 is not able to retrieve it using curl, I get 550 error : RETR 550 : Unable to open file, same error using FileZilla.

However, if user 2 uploads a file to the ftp server with the same file permissions, user 1 is able to download it both using curl and using filezilla.

What should I do to allow each user download/retrieve the files uploaded by the other user ? I've already put them in the same usergroup.

Note: This problem is solved if I set the permissions to 777 (read, write, execute for everyone), but this seems dangerous, the ftps server will store some important files.

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Found the solution :

I needed to use chgroup on the folders of interest to add permissions for the whole user group to access the files in these folders.

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