Where is the best place to find out information about blue screen of death 'STOP' and other error codes? Technet has a list but it doesn't seem to have the STOP code that I've seen:

STOP 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8070EFFC10,
                 0xFFFFFA8070EFFE48, 0xFFFFF800002108530)

I'm really after general resources on BSODs. Also is there any information on what the other values are?


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The Debugging Tools for Windows has STOP codes in its help file. Simply search for bug check and the error code, e.g. "bug check 0xf4". (Thanks Windows Internals)

Doesn't seem like the best option if you don't have it already installed.


Despite being in German, this list is quite a nice cross-reference of BSOD codes to KB articles. Just remove the trailing /de from the KB URLs to change the language to English.

You can also search support.microsoft.com for 'stop' and the code.

The values in brackets are parameters and their meaning differs depending on the STOP code. Frequently they don't provide much useful information. In this case, it appears they may refer to:

  1. The terminating object type
  2. The terminating object
  3. The process image file name
  4. Pointer to an ASCII string containing an explanatory message

This post might also be useful in your specific case.


After a bit more searching I found this list on MSDN: "Bug Check Codes"


One of my favorite places to look up errors is: www.eventid.net

They usually have a lot of good information about errors that occur.


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