Starting from 23 July 2022 WSUS synchronization started failing with error: "A dependency of the update was not found on the server and was not provided by the upstream server.".

WSUS does not have upstream server, it syncs from Microsoft.

When I open synchronization report - there are IDs of updates, that that fail with this error. The first ID is 3435b461-7ec5-4ee6-af82-4682636e12cb : Revision 100

When I try Get-WsusUpdate -UpdateId 3435b461-7ec5-4ee6-af82-4682636e12cb I get error: The specified item could not be found in the database.

Searching in Google or www.catalog.update.microsoft.com by UpdateID also give no results.

How to resolve this synchronization error? How can I get information about this Update?

Tried updating WSUS server itself - the error persist.

Tried running WSUS cleanup wizard. While running cleanup wizard WSUS console crashed. After WSUS console crashed I waited about 1 hour thinking that cleanup wizard still running in background. After 1 hour I rebooted WSUS and run synchronization, but the error persist.

  • show the WSUS update settings, the server version, the ressources and the IIS settings pool, which sql is used for it?
    – djdomi
    Commented Aug 7, 2022 at 17:37

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The workaround looks to be documented at the below link but no word on if Microsoft is going to address this upstream at the time of posting.


"The error is with the "Windows Insider Dev Channel" product. On all four WSUS servers that I take care of, a synchronization error started to appear and all I had to do was to disable this product." - JanaJaro-4745

Unchecking the "Windows Insider Dev Channel" product has worked for a number of people on that article including myself.

  • Yes, this workaround actually works. No more synchronization erros.
    – Link
    Commented Aug 8, 2022 at 21:09

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