I was scouring Google for a CLI command to reset the password of HPE iLO 5 accounts but didn't get any proper response. UI solutions to reset the password or other tooling don't help me in this situation.

The HPE iLO 5 Scripting and Command Line Guide leaves some questions open. HPE apparently created 'Base commands'. In the 'User commands' section is an example to create a new account

create username=lname1 password=password

is it in this case possible to use set in order to change the password?

set username=lname1 password=password02!

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cd into the user to set its password.

</map1/accounts1/test>hpiLO-> set password=NewPassw0rd

Tue Aug  9 12:44:05 2022

User information modified successfully.

Alternatively, provide the full path to the user:

set /map1/accounts1/test password=NewPassw0rd


The general syntax of a CLP command is:
<verb> <target> <option> <property>


Target — The default target is the /. Change the target using the cd command, or by specifying a target on the command line.

  • set is the verb.
  • /map1/accounts1/test is the target. You don't need it if you cd into it beforehand.
  • we don't need any options
  • password is the property you want to change.

If you forgot the password of the iLo, I think you need physical access to do the reset as well as the serial of the iLo on the tag on the actual server. You cant overwrite a lost password remotely, if that's what you are trying to do.

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    Hi yield, no it's not about forgetting the password but periodically changing the password automatically. We use a PAM tool and need -- ideally -- a CLI command which will be run by the service every set interval.
    – Alex_P
    Aug 9, 2022 at 12:37

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