Limitations Anypoint VPN does not support these features and configurations:

  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • IPv6
  • IKEv2 with policy-based VPNs
  • A single VPC with both AWS Direct Connect and Anypoint VPN connections
  • Advertising a default route ( over BGP or static routing

Has anyone found a solution for VPN connections to external systems that require NAT. We have requirement to connect to internal MQ system through a VPN that requires NAT, from external systems (in this case from MuleSoft's CloudHub).

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What @aled mentioned above will work as long as you have presence in AWS. That way you can push traffic over your own AWS VPC and NAT from there on. Still, I would probably NAT inside my own DC.


Use an AWS Transit Gateway so connectivity is managed at the Transit Gateway level instead of using Anypoint VPN. In that way you are independent of any Anypoint Platform limitations, only bound by AWS limitations.

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