I am hitting the same error in trying to backup a mongo stand-alone database:

Failed: error connecting to db server: server returned error on SASL authentication step: BSON field 'saslContinue.mechanism' is an unknown field.

Most of the other answers, point to adding --authenticationDatabase=admin, but this did not solve it for me.

I have tried basically the same thing in a few different ways, they all give the same error:

# mongodump --host -u "<USERNAME>" -p '<PASSWORD>'  --authenticationDatabase "admin"
# mongodump --host -u "<USERNAME>" -p '<PASSWORD>' --out /var/backups/mongobackups/$(date +'\%y-\%m-\%d') 
# mongodump --host --username <USERNAME> --password '<PASSWORD>' --authenticationDatabase admin --db <DBNAME> --out /var/backups/mongobackups/$(date +'\%y-\%m-\%d') 
# mongodump mongodb://<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>@
# mongodump --host= --port=27017 --username=<USERNAME> --authenticationDatabase=admin --out=/var/backups/mongobackups/$(date +'\%y-\%m-\%d') 

My password does include a special character, an @ sign.

The config is pretty vanilla:

#mongodb.conf - generated from Puppet
#System Log
systemLog.path: /var/log/mongodb/mongodb.log
systemLog.destination: file
systemLog.logAppend: true
systemLog.quiet: false
systemLog.verbosity: 2

#Process Management
pidFilePath: /var/run/mongod.pid

storage.dbPath: /var/lib/mongodb

security.authorization: enabled


I can succesfully enter the shell by running:

mongo -u <USERNAME> -p <PASSWORD><DBNAME> --authenticationDatabase "admin"

Version info:

# apt list --installed | grep mongo
mongo-tools/focal,now 3.6.3-0ubuntu1 amd64 [installed]
mongodb-org-server/focal,now 5.0.6 amd64 [installed,upgradable to: 5.0.10]
mongodb-org-shell/focal,now 5.0.6 amd64 [installed,upgradable to: 5.0.10]

# mongodump --version
mongodump version: built-without-version-string
  • What are the versions of MongoDB and mongodump? Aug 14, 2022 at 10:59
  • Updated to add version info
    – Werner
    Aug 15, 2022 at 6:24
  • I recommend downloading the version from MongoDB's site and not from apt. Aug 15, 2022 at 6:27

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get the "mongodb-database-tools"  after update to this version error was gone

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