I have got a 10 disk (16 TB) RAID-6 array (AVAGO MegaRAID SAS 9380-8e) in a Supermicro JBOD enclosure. The controller started beeping today and one disk is blinking red/blue. I entered the AVAGO control software and 9 of the disks are shown as "Online", while one of them is shown as "Rebuild" with a Progress of 20%.

My question is: What does it mean that the disk is rebuilding? I expected that I would have to swap the failed disk before anything can be rebuild.

Thanks for your help! Gregor

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Disks can experience temporary failures that cause them to drop out of the array but can be corrected by a system reboot or controller reset. This might really be a one-off error but I would follow up with smartctl or a vendor utility to confirm that the disk isn't on the point of permanently failing.

If your disk is continuously in a state where it is being rebuilt then this may indicate that the disc is irreparable. At this point you will need to replace the disk to allow the degraded RAID array to complete the rebuilding process.

  • Many departments will follow a policy of replacing any disk that goes into a rebuilding state spontaneously as that indicates a high risk of further impending failures in the future.

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