I have a crawler written in Go that I would like to move from my computer into a cloud server. Therefore I am searching for a cloud service and I see that most droplets, instances, etc... have memory and cpu optimized solutions. Which one do I need if my script:

  • Uses Go's concurrency feature heavily
  • Makes a few thousands of http calls in every second
  • Makes a lot of simple add/mul/sub operations in for loops which are looping through arrays
  • Reads global variables stored in memory

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Just measure what your application stack is actually doing/using - there's no one-size-fits-all, only you can see what it's doing and then provision your new server/s appropriately.

  • I am quite not familiar with these kind of measurements. Possibly could you link any articles which tells about the concepts of what should be measured? Or just should I simply check the performance stats during run?
    – rihekopo
    Sep 4 at 21:58

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