I've got an NFS server problem. The datastore connected and seems to be a valid datastore in both the vSphere client and under /vmfs/volumes. The issue is that it appears to be empty!

I can create files (eg: touch /vmfs/volumes/nfs_common/thefile) and it is correctly written to the nfs store. I can verify this by looking on the nfs server itself. But the vmkernel only sees an empty datastore; the file disappears.

Another freebsd box can mount the same NFS share and see the files correctly.

Some useful data: ESXi 4.0.0 Build 208167 NFS is unfsd running on a Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo (a bit hacky I know). The share has file system permissions set to 777 at the moment.

My /etc/exports is as follows, and as I say it connects fine. /mnt/array1/ESX_Shared,rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)

The ESXi servers can also successfully mount NFS shares from other NFS servers.

Any ideas guys?




Change the file encoding to BIG5.

I had the same problem with ANSI encoding. After changing it to BIG5 everything worked.

where to change encoding to BIG5

Don't forget to modify your C:\WINDOWS\msnfs\\.maphost file

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