Given this list:

  red: enabled
  yellow: enabled
  green: disabled
  blue: enabled
  purple: disabled

How can I get a list of the colors that are enabled (below doesn't work):

- debug:
     msg: "{{ item[0] }}"
  when: item[1] == 'enabled
  with_items: '{{ colors}}'

Guess I'm overthinking this as it seems like it should be quite simple. Thanks in advance.

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For example,

colors_enabled: "{{ colors|dict2items|
                           selectattr('value', 'eq', 'enabled')|
                           list }}"

gives the list of enabled colors

  - red
  - yellow
  - blue
  • Thank you Vladimir, this worked well. You are always so helpful.
    – BrillCom
    Sep 26 at 12:53

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