I have a Terraform codebase which deploys a private EKS cluster, a bastion host and other AWS services. I have also added a few security groups to the in Terraform. One of the security groups allows inbound traffic from my Home IP to the bastion host so that i can SSH onto that node. This security group is called bastionSG, and that works fine also.

However, initially I am unable to run kubectl from my bastion host, which is the node I use to carry out my kubernetes development on against the EKS cluster nodes. The reason is because my EKS cluster is a private and only allows communication from nodes in the same VPC and i need to add a security group that allows the communication from my bastion host to the cluster control plane which is where my security group bastionSG comes in.

So my routine now is once Terraform deploys everything, I then find the automatic generated EKS security group and add my bastionSG as an inbound rule to it through the AWS Console (UI) as shown in the image below.

enter image description here

I would like to NOT have to do this through the UI, as i am already using Terraform to deploy my entire infrastructure.

I know i can query an existing security group like this

data "aws_security_group" "selectedSG" {
  id = var.security_group_id

In this case, lets say selectedSG is the security group creared by EKS once terraform is completed the apply process. I would like to then add an inbound rule of bastionSG to it without it ovewriting the others it's added automatically.


resource "aws_eks_node_group" "flmd_node_group" {
  cluster_name    = var.cluster_name
  node_group_name = var.node_group_name
  node_role_arn   = var.node_pool_role_arn
  subnet_ids      = [var.flmd_private_subnet_id]
  instance_types = ["t2.small"]

  scaling_config {
    desired_size = 3
    max_size     = 3
    min_size     = 3

  update_config {
    max_unavailable = 1

  remote_access {
    ec2_ssh_key = "MyPemFile"
    source_security_group_ids = [

  tags = {
    "Name" = "flmd-eks-node"

As shown above, the EKS node group has the bastionSG security group in it. which i expect to allow the connection from my bastion host to the EKS control plane.

EKS Cluster

resource "aws_eks_cluster" "flmd_cluster" {
  name     = var.cluster_name
  role_arn = var.role_arn

  vpc_config {
    subnet_ids =[var.flmd_private_subnet_id, var.flmd_public_subnet_id, var.flmd_public_subnet_2_id]
    endpoint_private_access = true
    endpoint_public_access = false
    security_group_ids = [ var.bastionSG_id]

bastionSG_id is an output of the security group created below which is passed into the code above as a variable.

BastionSG security group

resource "aws_security_group" "bastionSG" {
  name        = "Home to bastion"
  description = "Allow SSH - Home to Bastion"
  vpc_id      = var.vpc_id

  ingress {
    description      = "Home to bastion"
    from_port        = 22
    to_port          = 22
    protocol         = "tcp"
    cidr_blocks      = [<MY HOME IP address>]

  egress {
    from_port        = 0
    to_port          = 0
    protocol         = "-1"
    cidr_blocks      = [""]
    ipv6_cidr_blocks = ["::/0"]

  tags = {
    Name = "Home to bastion"

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You can extend existing security groups with the Terraform AWS "aws_security_group_rule" which accepts an arbitrary but required security group ID. See:https://registry.terraform.io/providers/hashicorp/aws/latest/docs/resources/security_group_rule

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