I have AWStats configured to run on my website, but I would like it to exclude hits coming from myself (localhost) that are seen as originating from these ip addresses:

How can I configure this?


You will need to edit your .conf file, and change the SkipHosts parameter.

For your needs, this would be:

SkipHosts = ""

If your IP address changes on your private network, or if you start accessing your site from multiple computers, you would probably want to match your IP addresses via Regular Expressions.

SkipHosts = " REGEX[^192\.168\.]"

For reference, the FAQ is provided here

Note that sometimes localhost hits can also come up as originating from the ::1 ip address, so you may need to add that too.


take a look at this section of the awstats faq, this is the solution to your problem. there are also some examples.

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