Can someone point me in the right direction on how to configure the IP address of cloned VMs with UTM?

When I create a new UTM VM, the IP address is different. This is fine.

When I clone an exisitng UTM VM, the IP is the same as the clone.

My question is, where do I start with configuring the clone to have it's own IP?

Note - I am using a shared network. And I am using ubuntu.

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Turn off the vm and go to its setting>network click on Random in the Mac address, switch on the vm you'll see it should have a new IP


If you want to clone virtual machines from a script, you can use the UTM AppleScript interface to set a new random MAC address. This could be an example Bash script:



# Create a VM clone
utmctl clone "${VM_NAME}" --name "${VM_NAME}-clone"

# Randomize the MAC address
# (setting an empty string tells UTM to generate a random MAC) 
osascript <<END
tell application "UTM"
    set vm to virtual machine named "${VM_NAME}-clone"
    set config to configuration of vm
    set item 1 of network interfaces of config to {address:""}
    update configuration of vm with config
end tell

The AppleScript part works only if one NIC is assigned to the virtual machine.

See https://docs.getutm.app/scripting/cheat-sheet/#configuration as a reference.

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