I want to install Ubuntu on a headless server, over my present Linux install (older Ubuntu and a different flavor), using an available empty partition.

My root device has /boot, / and the empty partition (call it E). From the running Linux server, I'd like to install Ubuntu to E and then shift the system to running from E.

Then, I'd like wipe the original / partition, copy E over it, and update grub so I can boot into that. Then, wiping E and expanding the original partition to the whole space, hopefully I should be good.

Pointers would be much appreciated.

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    Basically you create a new filesystem on that partition for the root and use debootstrap utility to bootstrap the system there. Then, when all packages you wanted are installed, you reconfigure your current bootloader to use that partition as the root. You can pull the condensed path from here; just adapt it to your needs if you don't want BTRFS. Nov 7, 2022 at 6:05


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