I am trying to set a security group A to allow SSH access from security group B in a different region. I don't have much experience with networking in general and AWS networking.

Followed the instruction from here:

You cannot reference the security group of a peer VPC that's in a different Region. Instead, use the CIDR block of the peer VPC.

So I did... I copied the CIDR from the source region and added it to the inbound rule. Still no access.

I also noted that the CIDR of the VPC of both regions was exactly the same. So I added a new one. Still no access.

I have no idea what is missing...

I know I should probably give much more details but I don't know what is safe to put in the question. Would the CIDR be safe if it is a private address? Can I post screenshots of the inbound rules?

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Missed something very fundamental - when creating an inbound rule without a public IP, the traffic source is not the internet. So a VPC peering must be established.

Also note that this way the peer server should be accessed using its private IP address and not the public one.


You could be looking for VPC peering. I think it will help you on the case VPC peering

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