I would have thought that this would be a FAQ but I haven't found a useful answer.

How do I expunge all email messages deleted using the email client regardless of which folder it's in?

  • using doveadm this is easy. For a user this question is better suited for Super User. Nov 23 at 12:56
  • Thank you for coming back to me. I did think that doveadm was the answer, although I could not find any reference to help with the search criteria. Thank you for pointing me to Super User. I will look at that Nov 24 at 13:20
  • I restored the answer I wrote originally. I deleted it because I thought I misread your question. Nov 24 at 14:09

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From a quick glance at the manual, this should do it:

doveadm expunge ALL

This would affect all mailboxes.

To adapt an example from the search-query manual:

doveadm expunge mailbox-guid 44f68b13ce97044b837f000035ca9452 ALL

This would only affect a single mailbox.

  • Danger: That search query does not include a filter for messages flagged as deleted yet.
    – anx
    Nov 27 at 23:23

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