I'm an sa on Unix side, and there is a writeable Windows share, which I can access from my desktop using an AD service account.

How can I batch a file transfer from Unix over to that mount (it's not Samba-connected from Unix).

Ports 22,21,23,80,443 are not open on the Windows host. I was thinking maybe Java connect using native Windows network protocols?

Using a service AD account on both systems. Can install stuff on Unix, can not remote to Windows.

What can I explore as possible solutions?

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    The obvious answer is to mount the windows share using SMB. Why can't you do that?
    – Natecat
    Jan 7 at 19:32
  • Smb v2 protocol was the answer, and TU for an idea. Feb 6 at 6:39

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This ultimately was the winning path

File: /etc/samba/smb.conf


client min protocol = SMB2
min protocol = SMB2


smbclient -U $username '//$servername/$share' -D "$directory" -c "ls"

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