I am new to putty. I am pushing files to a customer with sftp command that includes @ sign in the command. e.g. sftp (login@IP Address) the session will not allow @ on the command line. It bounces me to the next line. Can anyone tell me how to correct this.


Your session eating @'s is very bizarre (what keyboard layout are you using?), but you can also use -o.

% sftp -o 'User foo' bar.com


% sftp -o User=foo bar.com

is equivalent to

% sftp foo@bar.com

Should probably be on super user, but just do

sftp <ip-address>
login: <login>
password: <password>

If you are using a British keyboard with a machine set to a U.S. locale (or vice-versa) you might find that " and @ are swapped.

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