I usually had to pay $0.10 per function, which made about a few cents a month. Now it costs a few dollars and seems to come from non-firebase services, which I dont understand. Image of Cost Increase

I have 2 projects. One of them I didnt even touch and suddenly the costs are higher and is shown under the description "Jobs".

Image of non firebase services

Does anyone know, why that could be the case? I dont know where these costs come from and I also find it weird, that the dont stay the same. Would be incredibly thankful for any help. :)

Image of sudden percentage increase for Cloud Scheduler

I tried to look for a solution or the origin of the cost increase, but I couldnt find the reason for it. Since I didnt even change anything for the one project and still the costs increased that date I have no explanation for it :(

  • Same issue here, I only deploy 2 scheduled functions but i got charged about 9 dollar in three days.
    – flutroid
    Jan 25 at 11:57
  • Same issue here. Had a scheduler jobs set to run only on weekdays, and I had a spike in cloud scheduler costs spanning Friday, the entire weekend, and Monday. During the week (Friday/Monday) the service it was triggering had completely normal logs, and there are no logs (i.e. no service activity) on the weekend - as expected. Jan 26 at 0:18

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I was facing the same issue and ended up contacting support. They informed me that it is an internal issue and they are dealing with it.

Please be informed that the increase in charges for Cloud Scheduler is related to an internal incident which is already being tracked by the Cloud Scheduler Engineering team.

Apparently a solution has been launched and it should reflect changes when the billing UI picks it up.


  • Hi, thanks for letting me know. That gives clarity! :)
    – Niklas Gee
    Jan 25 at 16:36
  • Any update on this? Billing support just keep saying charges is on account level that i already know, They didn't give me a answer
    – flutroid
    Jan 28 at 4:17
  • My pricing has now been resolved.... hope the change is reflecting for you too!
    – madhall
    Feb 1 at 9:08
  • Same here, Glad everyone problem has solved.
    – flutroid
    2 days ago

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