I have a PowerShell script. This:

Get-Printer | ft name,portname,location | Export-Csv c:\intel\intvprint2.csv -NoTypeInformation

But it isn't any good :( I made the script, but the result is file error data.

This it makes:


But now see this:

Get-Printer | ft name,portname,location

name                          portname               location
----                          --------               --------
9620HP2055DN                 loc1
9590HP2055DN                  loc2

Why isn't the script good?


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ft is an alias for Format-Table, which is meant to output the data pretty in a terminal. You want to use Select-Object (alias select) instead.

Get-Printer | select name,portname,location | Export-Csv c:\intel\intvprint2.csv -NoTypeInformation

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