I'm new in K8s and I need to check the kubeconfig file from a cluster. Is there a way to describe the kubeconfig file using the kubectl?

I'm looking for something similar to kubectl describe kubeconfig.

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You can execute the command kubectl config view to display merged kubeconfig settings or a specified kubeconfig file.

By default, kubectl looks for a file named config in the $HOME/.kube directory. You can specify other kubeconfig files by setting the KUBECONFIG environment variable or by setting the --kubeconfig flag.

By default, the kubectl command-line tool uses parameters from the current context to communicate with the cluster.

Refer to the official document on Organizing Cluster Access Using kubeconfig Files for more information.

The kubeconfig files are merged. To choose the current context use kubectl config use-contextcommand. Also see Kubectl context and configuration for more information.

Finally use the kubectl config -h command to view further information.

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