I have a Synology NAS (DSM 6.2.4) and I would like to load usbserial.ko and cp210x.ko on boot.

When I run:

sudo insmod /lib/modules/usbserial.ko
sudo insmod /lib/modules/cp210x.ko

The drivers work correctly, but when I reboot they are no longer loaded. Is there a way to get these to load on boot?

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Yes, you can do that, first ssh into your Synology NAS then create a script here /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ like with vi with sudo vi /usr/local/etc/rc.d/load-modules.sh put this inside


case $1 in
        echo "Loading usbserial.ko and cp210x.ko modules..."
        insmod /lib/modules/usbserial.ko
        insmod /lib/modules/cp210x.ko
        echo "Unloading usbserial.ko and cp210x.ko modules..."
        rmmod cp210x
        rmmod usbserial
        echo "Usage: $0 {start|stop}"
        exit 1

exit 0

then give it the execute permission sudo chmod +x /usr/local/etc/rc.d/load-modules.sh

You can test if your script work like that sudo /usr/local/etc/rc.d/load-modules.sh start

Then restart your Synology NAS, now it is loaded at startup.

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