I'm a newbie to snmp. I've written an SNMP server (Based on this open source code). I can succesfully send it get request and receive responses with MIBBrowser locally (on localhost) Next, I tried to connect to it from another PC in the same lan but the SNMP UDP packet never arrives at the server application.

I can see the packet in wireshark on the target Pc but the server application never gets it.

I turned off Windows firewall completely. Tried ports 161, 1161 and 5555 (Both server and MIBBrowser were configured correctly).

I was wondering if any special setup is required for SNMP to work on windows 7 and if there is anything that might be blocking it.

Thanks for the help.

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How do you have the SNMP service configured on the Windows 7 computer? Is it configured to accept SNMP communications from the test computer? What Community name is configured on the Windows 7 computer and what Community name are you using on the test computer?

  • How do I configure the Windows Snmp service to work as a proxy for my own agent?
    – Ben
    Feb 18, 2010 at 7:18

I got it work with SNMPD as the host. The windows service is very difficult to use.

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