There is a shared folder on the computer running Windows 2012R2 with a NTFS filesystem.

There is a local User X who is part of the local Group Administrators on the computer.

The Shared folder is configured like this for Sharing permissions and local Security permissions:

  • Sharing -> Permissions -> Full control for User X
  • Security -> Full control for Group Administrators (no reference to User X)

The issue is that when connecting via a remote computer (Windows 10) using network file sharing and User X credentials, User X can access the files in the Shared folder (read) but it unable to edit them (write, modify, delete).

There is no reference to User X in the folder/file permissions (neither allow or deny) but since User X is part of Group Administrators and Group Administrators has Full control permissions for the Shared folder, why can't User X modify the files?

  • The local administrators group behaves weirdly when it comes to file permissions. I have run into issues before when the user was granted permission to "just" that group instead of a dedicated one. However that was on the server directly, not over the network Sep 15, 2023 at 9:42

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Check to what the permissions apply: Open properties on the folder, switch to the security tab and klick advanced. Select your admin group and klick edit. Check what is selected on Applies to: enter image description here

Also check the inheritance (marked green in the picture). If it is disabled, you might want to enable it. This will rewrite all subfolders permissions with this ones.

  • Administrators group has full access and inheritance is also enabled, still can’t write or modify or delete files. If I use a different group with the same permissions it works but it won’t for Administrators group.
    – rboy
    Sep 16, 2023 at 14:18

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