I have a Ubuntu Desktop client and two Ubuntu server.

Ubuntu servers are two separate VPS in Germany and Netherland.

I need to route SSH traffic through Germany VPS, for example;

When I run ssh root@GERMANY_VPS on my client machine, it connects me to Netherland VPS.

In other words Germany VPS just forward SSH traffic and passes it to Netherland VPS.


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I presume you mean that you can't connect directly to the host in the Netherlands but the host in Germany can connect to this.

Just use the host in Germany as a jumphost:

ssh -J german_user@germany_vps dutch_user@netherlands

or add an ssh config....

Host germany_vps
   hostname germany_vps.example.com
   user german
   identityFile ~/.ssh/rsa_id.german

Host netherlands_vps
   hostname netherlands_vps.example.com
   user dutch
   identityFile ~/.ssh/rsa_id.dutch
   ProxyCommand ssh -q -W %h:%p germany_vps

Then simply....

ssh netherlands_vps

When I run ssh root@GERMANY_VPS

Please don't do that.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing (and this clearly does not apply here) you should not allow root access via ssh.

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