I have an sshfs.fuse mount. I am looking for a way to read mount statistics, e.g. bytes read/written, something similar to what /proc/diskstats contains for disk devices. fusermount has nothing to get statistics. There doesn't seem to be anything useful in /proc or /dev.

This is not for interactive monitoring. I need it for automation.

I would appreciate if anyone shared experience/knowledge regarding where to look for this information

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I will recommend you monitoring network for this, so from server where is unit mounted you can monitoring traffic for that disk.

Also, if you need know bytes writen to your remote disk, you will need check /proc/diskstats in your remote server when physical disk is.

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Let's start from: do you wish a tool or you need know what 'pseudo filesystem' data to look at (like /proc)?

As about linux tools I'm not sure is there any problem, especially when everything in Linux is file. Install sysstat & iotop for example.

  • To get an overview of disk I/O activity: iostat -d. Or get an overview for sda block device: iostat -d -p loop1 (or /dev/loop1 where mountpoint was taken from losetup -a).

  • iotop command displays a view of disk I/O by each process or thread: iotop -o.

  • Report activity for each block device using sar: sar -p -d -b 1.

  • Look at the disk statistics with vmstat: vmstat -d 1.

  • Monitor a process which writes to file (something like lsof + grep), where backing file of loop device was taken from losetup --list --noheadings -O BACK-FILE /dev/loop0 command output (check this thread).

I believe one of them could work for you. Also please check this thread.

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