I have a VMWare Unified Access Gateway Appliance v3.10 which I'm using as a Reverse Proxy server.

The reverse proxy is working great, but it only listens to port 443 on the external-interface side.

I would like to reverse-proxy port 3000. That is, I would like both
https://uag.mydomain.com/ to reverse-proxy to https://internal.mydomain.com/
https://uag.mydomain.com:3000/ to reverse-proxy to https://internal.mydomain.com:3000/

The internal part works fine. The question is, how can I (or can I at all?) get the UAG to listen to port 3000?



Here is my config (at least, the parts that aren't completely empty). Not that much to it.

Proxy Destination URL   https://internal.mydomain.com:3000
External URL            https://uag.mydomain.com:3000
Proxy Pattern           /.*

Note that there is no / at the end of either URL. I left out "Proxy Host Pattern" because both proxies are using the same hostname, and I was afraid that one would overtake the other.

When the UAG tries to connect to its own port 3000, I get

root@uag-7a17d053-0619-41f3-ae74-5d75879b8ea6 [ ~ ]# curl -kI https://localhost:3000/
curl: (7) Failed to connect to localhost port 3000: Connection refused

even though port 443 works fine

root@uag-7a17d053-0619-41f3-ae74-5d75879b8ea6 [ ~ ]# curl -kI https://localhost:443/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

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According to the documentation you can configure multiple reverse proxies and you can configure the external URL in the format https://<host:port>.

  • I configured the "External URL" to be https://uag.mydomain.com:3000 , but the machine is still not listening to port 3000. I still get "Connection Refused" I will update my question with my entire config Nov 17, 2023 at 15:03

This link


tells me that it is not possible to use a port other than 443.

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