I need some help here. Is there a way to set the VNC password without a user interaction? When I run vncpasswd it prompts for a password and then verification of it. I would like to change the password from script. Is this possible?

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I don't have vncserver, so reading the man page over the web and no way to test....

Have you tried writing the password twice to a temp file and using that as stdin to vncpasswd?

echo $password >/tmp/file
echo $password >>/tmp/file  # note >> for append
vncpasswd </tmp/file >/tmp/vncpasswd.1 2>/tmp/vncpasswd.2

That's for the bash shell. But the basic idea should be obvious. Prompting will wind up in the .1 file and errors in the .2 file

  • Ran into the same problem, and this solution helped me. Thanks! Commented May 4, 2012 at 9:32

If you want a one-liner, this from https://stackoverflow.com/a/30606811/109707

vncpasswd -f <<< $PASSWORD > "$HOME/.vnc/passwd"

Or if using x11vnc

x11vnc -storepasswd $PASSWORD "$HOME/.vnc/passwd"

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