I am trying to make it so my apache web pages will be in a chroot jail. I have set up my chroot jail as according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ModChroot. However when i restart apache i get the following error logged:

[error] No such file or directory: could not create /var/chroot/apache/var/run/apache2.pid [error] apache2: could not log pid to file /var/chroot/apache/var/run/apache2.pid

/var/chroot/apache/var/run/apache2.pid is there with 777 permissions

If i dissable mod_chroot web pages are delivered correctly from the /var/chroot/apache/var/www directory.


My guess would be that Apache is trying to write the PID file after it's done the chroot - i.e. when Apache think's it's trying to write to /var/chroot/apache/var/run/apache2.pid, it's actually trying to write to /var/chroot/apache/var/chroot/apache/var/run/apache2.pid

Check the Apache config files to see what PidFile is set to - it probably should be just

PidFile /var/run/apache2.pid

See http://core.segfault.pl/~hobbit/mod_chroot/apache20.html for other config tweaks you may need to do to use mod_chroot with Apache 2.x

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