I want to fetch the file system types in AIX like NFS and all. du command shows just the file systems not their types. How can I do that?


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If you execute command mount you will get output like this:

node   mounted          mounted over  vfs    date              options   
----   -------          ------------ ---  ------------   -------------------
       /dev/hd0         /            jfs   Dec 17 08:04   rw, log  =/dev/hd8
       /dev/hd3         /tmp         jfs   Dec 17 08:04   rw, log  =/dev/hd8
       /dev/hd1         /home        jfs   Dec 17 08:06   rw, log  =/dev/hd8
       /dev/hd2         /usr         jfs   Dec 17 08:06   rw, log  =/dev/hd8
sue    /home/local/src  /usr/code    nfs   Dec 17 08:06   ro, log  =/dev/hd8

As you can see the column 4 show the filesystem for particular disk/device as well as other interesting information.


To list the available filesystem types, you can look at the /etc/vfs file, described by man vfs.

To list the currently-mounted filesystems and their types, use mount as Romeo Ninov demonstrated. Alternatively, the lsfs command has some useful options, such as: lsfs -v jfs2 to list filesystems of a particular type (jfs2 here), or lsfs -c to list filesystems in a colon-delimited format (useful for subsequent parsing).

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