I have installed a deployment of Team Foundation Server 2010 Release Candidate and I am connecting through Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Release Candidate. When I try to create a new Team Project I get an error "TF250044 SharePoint Site can not be created in the following location: Server Name Here" It also tells me that my user account does not have permissions to create sites in SharePoint but my user account has full rights in SharePoint.

I have checked everywhere and as far as I know I have full permissions in SharePoint, if someone encountered this problem and solved it please help.

Thank You!

  • Is the SharePoint collection for TFS configured according to the TFS Administration Console, and can it connect successfully? – BinaryMisfit Feb 23 '10 at 16:34
  • Yes from TFS point of view everything is just fine. But from the Client I can't add a Team Project. Real Frustrating... – Lukasz Feb 23 '10 at 18:52

By default when you try to create a new Team Project, Visual Studio sets a default path for the SharePoint site.

[SharePoint Server]/sites/[TFS Project Collection Name]/[Team Project Name]

What you want to do is create the site collection for the [TFS Project Collection Name] or remove it and create the Team Project Site in the sites root.

Hope this helps.


Like someone else said, you might want to remove the associated SharePoint association from the TFS Admin Console and create it again. Did you upgrade this server? I had a problem with a recent upgrade from TFS 2008 where I had a Team Project with the same name as the new TFS Project Collection. That created all sorts of conflicts.

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